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Invisible Bead Extensions

Invisible Bead Extensions is the only patented method in the United States that was specifically created to solve the 3 major problems when encountering different types of hair extension methods. 

1-Prevents Damage to the clients hair and scalp from tension, over direction and haphazard installs .

2-Eliminates Discomfort due to the contact of beads on the scalp and common clamp and crank bead approach.

3- Styling Versatility which means there are no more exposed beads. 

McKenzie Turley created IBE with the health of the clients scalp and hair at the top of the list.   Each stylist goes through training with a mentor by their side every step of the way. With opportunities to continue to grow as an IBE stylist with many education opportunities and resources. 


How many rows should
I Get?



1 Row

Usually up to four wefts, creating volume for fine hair along with custom matched & colored. Personalized shaping and blending, along with a gloss treatment to bring everything together along with style.



2 Rows

Usually up to eight wefts, to add length & volume to fine to medium density hair along with custom matched & coloring. Personalized shaping and blending, as well as a gloss treatment to bring everything together along with style.



3 rows

Three rows, creates fullness and length used for medium to coarse hair usually up to twelve, (additional wefts for coarse thick hair is not uncommon) uncommon) personalized colored wefts with custom shaping & blending to marry everything together with customized style.

Initial Install is

Elite Stylist $250 per row plus the cost of hair

Certified Stylist $150 per row plus cost of hair



Package 1

One row re-install

with color refresh

Elite Stylist $350

Certified Stylist $255

Package 2
Two row re

with color refresh 

Elite Stylist $575

Certified Stylist $350


Package 3
Three row re

with color refresh

Elite Stylist $775

Certified Stylist $515

Extension with

Color services

include your choice of

Partial Hilight


Root Retouch

along with 

gloss & tone, haircut, & blow

dry style



Every 6-10 weeks we will have you come in and take out your extensions and move them up, refreshing your hair along with a shampoo and gloss refresh

Elite Stylist. $225per row

Certified Stylist  $125 per row

average wear in between re-install appointments average 6-8 weeks. 

some clients can extend their extension wear longer.


Usually 2-4 hours depending on how many rows

Color & Extension

Salon Policies

Screen Shot 2023-10-16 at

To ensure a seamless experience for all our clients, we've outlined a few extension policies. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these guidelines.

To streamline the payment process and make your experience as enjoyable as possible, we've established a set of payment policies. Please take a moment to review these guidelines, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transaction


As a new client, we want to ensure your experience is as fabulous as your hair will be. Take a moment to acquaint yourself with our new client policies—it's our way of making sure you feel right at home from the moment you walk in. Let's embark on this beauty journey together!

Extension Policy

A Caring for your IBE (Invisible Bead Extensions) hair extensions is crucial to maintaining their longevity and natural appearance. Start by gently detangling your extensions with a wide-tooth comb, working from the tips to the roots to prevent damage. Use a sulfate-free and moisturizing shampoo to cleanse the extensions, making sure to avoid excessive rubbing. Condition the hair from mid-length to the ends, keeping the roots product-free to maintain a secure grip. When drying, pat the extensions gently with a towel and avoid vigorous rubbing. Allow them to air dry whenever possible to minimize heat damage. Use heat styling tools sparingly, and always apply a heat protectant before styling. When sleeping, loosely braid or tie your hair in a low ponytail to prevent tangling. Regular maintenance, such as tightening the beads or links every 6-8 weeks, will ensure the extensions stay securely in place and continue to look natural. Overall, treating your IBE hair extensions with care and using suitable products will help them remain beautiful and luscious for an extended period.

Payment Policy

Alter requires a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to schedule an extension appointment with one of our stylists. If you choose to cancel your appointment you forfeit your hair and your deposit.

If you do not schedule/come to your initial install within 90 days, you forfeit your deposit and your wefts become my property.

We use extension hair that is exclusively offered to IBE stylists, therefore the hair is only able to be installed by an IBE stylist at Ayla Mac Hair Co. At no point in time will the hair be released to the client in any other form than an installation.

Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and clients on our waitlist miss the opportunity to receive services. 

Appointments are confirmed 72 hours in advance because I know how easy it is to forget an appointment you booked months ago. Since the services are reserved for you personally, a cancellation fee will apply.

Cancellations less than 48 hours in advance and no shows will result in a charge equal to 50% of your service.

Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance and no shows will result in a charge equal to the amount of your service and you forfeit your hair and the deposit.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to the appointment, I will not be able to accommodate your service. Cancellations due to late arrival will result in a fee equal to 50% of the services booked.
The cancellation policy allows me the time to inform my standby guests of any availability, as well as keeping our scheduled filled, thus better serving everyone.

By booking an appointment and entering my credit card information I authorize Tara Mclaughlin/Ayla Mac Hair Co. to charge my credit card for agreed upon purchases and/or the cancellation fees as listed above. 

A few details I would like to share with you

If I cannot get you in for an appointment, I can place you on my waiting list, or refer you to my assistant Christina to provide you with your service.

When it comes to children and guests we ask that only those receiving services be in the salon due to limited space, dangerous tools, and other stylist and guest comfort.
Our mission is to provide a luxurious salon experience by embellishing existing beauty with continuing education, new techniques and only the best products.

New Client Policy

I specialize in dimensional color/ Blonding services and luxury extensions. If I don't feel like we are a good match for what you are wanting for your hair, I will happily refer you to another stylist who is fitting. I work with co-stylists who I train and trust, so there will be more than one stylist doing your hair throughout your appointment.


There will be photos and or videos taken during your appointment. If you don't want to be in them, please let me know before I begin your service.


My calendar is usually jam-packed, thanks to the awesome regulars I have, but I'm all about squeezing in new faces whenever I can. Finding space for newcomers in the midst of my busy schedule takes some juggling, and I make it a point to keep my regulars in the loop to manage expectations. Whether you've been with me for ages or you're thinking about giving my salon a shot, I want to make sure everyone gets that special, personalized treatment when they walk through the door. 

I totally get the energy and excitement that new clients bring to the salon, and I love being part of their hair transformation journey. It's like adding a splash of color to the routine! Each person is a unique canvas for me to work with, and whether it's your first time or you're a familiar face, I'm all about tailoring my skills to make you leave feeling like a million bucks.

Even though my schedule is pretty tight, the satisfaction I get from fitting in new clients is huge. It's all about creating a space where everyone feels welcome, and that's something I'm committed to. So, even with a fully-booked calendar, I'm here to prove that there's always room for a bit of fresh energy and a fantastic hair day. Can't wait to meet you and make your hair dreams a reality!





Cost of hair varies based on length, texture, and how many wefts are needed.

*Color services such as hilights, balayage, root touch ups, etc are NOT included

Please note

01 /

The Invisible Bead Extensions® method was created in order to solve 3 major problems that are  encountered with the different types of hand-tied methods available.

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