Invisible Bead Extensions

Invisible Bead Extensions is a patent pending method was specifically created to solve the 3 major problems when encountering different types of hair extension methods. 

1-Prevents Damage to the clients hair and scalp from tension, over direction and haphazard installs .

2-Eliminates Discomfort due to the contact of beads on the scalp and common clamp and crank bead approach.

3- Styling Versatility which means there are no more exposed beads. 

McKenzie Turley created IBE with the health of the clients scalp and hair at the top of the list.   Each stylist goes through training with a mentor by their side every step of the way . 




1 Row

Usually up to four wefts, creating volume for fine hair along with custom matched & colored. Personalized shaping and blending, along with a gloss treatment to bring everything together along with style.

Usually up to eight wefts, to add length & volume to fine to medium density hair along with custom matched & coloring. Personalized shaping and blending, as well as a gloss treatment to bring everything together along with style.

Three rows, creates fullness and length used for medium to coarse hair usually up to twelve, (additional wefts for coarse thick hair is not uncommon) uncommon) personalized colored wefts with custom shaping & blending to marry everything together with customized style.

Initial Install is $175 per row plus the cost of hair

Cost of Hair Per Weft


24" length                     $210


22" length                    $190

18" length                    $120

16" length                    $110

PRICES subject to change based on distributor. 

All hair is ethically sourced.



Package 1

One row move up with color $300


Package 2
Two row move up with color $450


Package 3
Three row move up with color $600

Extension w/ Color services include your choice of

Partial Hilight or Root Retouch

along with 

gloss & tone, haircut, & blowdry style




Every 7-12 weeks we will have you come in and take out your extensions and move them up, refreshing your hair.

$125 per row


Usually 2-4 hours depending on how many rows

Cost of hair varies based on length, texture, and how many wefts are needed.

*Color services such as hilights, balayage, root touch ups, etc are NOT included

Please note

How many rows should I Get?

2 Rows

3 rows

What is the cost of handtied extensions?

Color & Extension


01 /

The Invisible Bead Extensions® method was created in order to solve 3 major problems that are  encountered with the different types of hand-tied methods available.

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